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Us Tour Drop Case Against Vijay Singh And Deer-Antler Spray

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Vijay Singh has not been suspended by the US PGA Tour and the case has been dropped, commissioner Tim Finchem said in a news conference yesterday.
On Jan uary  28, Singh, now 50, admitted in a Sports Illustrated article to using deer-antler spray, which contains IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor), a banned substance in all major sports leagues, including the US PGA Tour. 
In a statement at the time, Singh denied knowingly taking the substance.
Though IGF-1 is on the Tour’s banned-substances list, the circuit does not test for either IGF-1 or human growth hormone.

“The PGA Tour Anti-Doping Policy provides that an admission to the use of a prohibited substances is a violation of the policy even if there is no positive drug test.” Finchem said.
“(The World Anti-Doping Agency) clarified that it no longer considers the use of deer-antler spray to be prohibited unless a positive test results.”
WADA then provided this statement to the Tour:
“In relation to your pending IGF-1 matter, it is the position of WADA, in applying the Prohibiting List, that the use of ‘deer antler spray’ (which is known to contain small amounts of IGF-1) is not considered ...
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